Brandon Doughty - hair shed in center area of head

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Q: I've bought Propecia 1mg about 2 month ago for advance. Because i begin to notice some hair reduction in the center
of my head. And i began to worry about continuation, still i can cover it with hair styling. Most of the hair in this area
is sick enough. I'm worry becouse it at least noticeable to me. I was wondering if anybody else had experienced
this, I know its hard to predict. Should i begin to use Propecia, or maybe wait couple of month?
I'm a second year med student and read journals on MPB frequently, hoping for a little optimism.

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A: There are many reasons for losing hair. One of the most common is a hormone that attacks the hair follicles.
Propecia tackles hair loss by directly working on your levels of DHT in your body. You should start taking finasteride and a few months in you start second guessing whether it's working
and all that stuff.Propecia is safe! It does have the potential for one major side effect, and you need to
decide if you're willing to risk that side effect.
9 months or more to see the full effect of the drug.
You'll find you can order Propecia easily and simply online or at your local pharmacy but you'll find it
cheaper online than in town.
Propecia is only one of two medications that the FDA has approved not only for effective hair loss treatment
but also because it is safe to use.

Does Propecia Generic Causes Weight Gain?

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Q: Recently i start using Propecia meds to cure hair loss. And i'm intereted is it true that this drug may cause weight gain becuse of the things like testosterone and DHT promotes fat loss in the body.

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A: Symptoms you've mentioned are not known side effects of
Propecia according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Of course you need to consult your doctor.

All medications can have side effects. Have you ever taken Tylenol or Advil? Do a search for the side effects of those medications and you will likely lose more hair over it (pun intended). Of course Propecia als have some side effects which are listed here.

Weight gain could be related to hormonal problems. Maybe you suffer of allergies. Try to change your diet. Don’t look to blame the drug finasteride for it.

How to make Propecia more effective

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Q: Recently i've noticed that the half life of Finasteride drug is about 6 hours. It menas that after 6 hours you take Propecia meds it's effects breaks down.

So i am interested if it would be more effective to take Propecia more often but in half-dosage?

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A: It's not a good idea. 6 hours - is the time how long Propecia travel your bloodstream, the drug fixes to the tissues and the hair follicles, which lasts longer than 24 hour. Just stick to one Propecia pill a day and try not to stop your treatment, as long as the effect goes.

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Hair transplant alternatives

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Question: Hi, I’m considering a hair transplant, though I heard that Propecia can work better. Is this true?
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Answer: Well, it depends, and it is recommended to consult your doctor. But therefore you always can get hair transplant, but at first you may try using generic Propecia for hair regrown.

Propecia meds (Finasteride) works better while you don't faced a high level of hair loss, and better to be used when the first symptoms came out.

If you are looking forward hair transplantation you should try medical treatment first, then surgical. The best tablets for hair regrowth approved by FDA is Propecia.
Otherwise surgical treatment may lead to full hair loss, as the results of side effects, while if Propecia doesn't help you for hair restoration you wouldn't lose hair.

But you should realize, that any kind of medical treatment cannot do what hair transplantation could do.

What Propecia can do to your hair:
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Things you need to know about using Propecia drug

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1. If you wish full hair regrowth, you should take Propecia treatments as long as the effect baldness treatment presents.
And you can reduce the dosage of meds only when a satisfactory hair level is reached.

2. First results of medication propecia you can noticed in about of 2-3 month.

3. Only 1,5% of men who used fda approved Propecia faced some secual side effects.
(Every drug or generic has some side effects)

4. There are three stages of hair regeneration. First stage is in about 3-5 month after you start taking these meds, further in about 8-12 month you can have incrediable results, and in future there is a chance of full hair regorwth.

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5. Propecia generic may be taken only with food, or on an empty stomach, nevertheless you should read patient information carefully.

6. You should stick to the schedulare while using Propecia drug, and if you miss one time, you should take that pill immediately.

7. Always stick to the dosages.

8. There is a chance to get Propecia drug without prescription here

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Male baldness treatment

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Finasteride, also known as Propecia drug usually is prescribed only to adult men.
It's the best drug for hair regrowth and hair loss treatment, which is approved by FDA.
In medical terms Propecia meds inhibits the prooduction of DHT, and as a result in couple of months reduces levels of DHT, sufficiently to minimize its effects on the hair follicle.

One of he side effects of Propecia treatment is that it can stops the growth of the prostate, or even prostate can start to reduce. Why does this happened? First of all because of generic Finasteride drug reductase inhibitors interfere with the effect of male hormones with the prostate.

After you buy generic propecia (by the way, there is a chance to buy it without prescription, with c.o.d.) you will notice results of hair regrowth in about 3 month, after starting use of Propecia male generic.

Statistics is well enough for this drug - good results can be noticed in about 80% of blod male patients. Of course, it depends on your personal attributes and hormones, but there is a little opportunity that propecia drug wouldn't help you at all, it only could take much longer time to get results on your hair regrowth.

And after first good results you shouldn't discontinue treatment. Male baldness is a natural proccess, but you can stop it for years woth the help of Propecia hormone!

While it works, your hair will be great.

There is no alternative drugs which can be used for hair regrown and against baldness except of Finasteride (Propecia generic) Using it for a long time you can fully recreate your hair
usefuul information and tips where to buy Propecia without prescription world wide you can find on this blog.

Propecia prescribed by doctor, but if you have no perscription you can find ways to get it.

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Mark Young - Propecia story of success

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Propecia diet pills First time when i buy generic propecia 1 mg, my friends asked me "Why is your head so bald?", "you're so bald"... etc.

After two years of Propecia pharmacy treatment i never hear such thing anymore. Everyone thinks that my hair looks fine now. And when the hair thing come up, we always talk about the bold one kid around here, who is only 27, but his head looks like peach fuzz.

Thanks to brand Propecia tablets my hair grow well, and it has been thickened up great. I've got boldness in the top of my head, about 30% of the side density.
Of course, nowadays when i looked in the mirror i can see thin spots, some hair isn't so thick as side hair. After a shower, when my hair is wet i can mention the hair loss pattern. But nevertheless when it's dry, others can't see that I'm loosing hair.

Propecia pills helped me, as well as most men. But you should remember that it takes much time to regrowth hair. Almost a year to see result, but you would be pleased with it.
It's hard to belief, and there is a chance of some sexual dysfunction (according to clinical tests about 2% of men faces them). This drug works but it takes long time to
trust, everyone goes through some sort of disbelief in their first year.

If you begin to loose hair, it would me much worse in 1 year, two years, 5years if you didn't use Propecia pharmacy.Propecia treatment

Propecia (finasteride) is a helpful pill. Of course it doesn't totally cure hair loss but it fights it harder than anything else.
But before buy Propecia online it's better to consult your doctor, or at least read about Propecia side effects.

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